Learning for Resilience: Insights from Cambodia's Rural Communities

TitleLearning for Resilience: Insights from Cambodia's Rural Communities
Annotated RecordNot Annotated
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsDiepart J-C, Doch S, Hak S, Ham K, Heng C, Heng K, Jones RW, Kim N, Kim S, Kleinpeter V, Ly V, McAndrew J, Oeur I, Perfitt KRae, So D, Someth P, Srey M, Taylor J, Tong C, Touch P, Voe P, You R
Secondary AuthorsDiepart J-C
Paginationi-xvi, 1-272
PublisherThe Learning Institute (LI)
Place PublishedPhnom Penh
Key themesAgriculturalModernization, Conversion-FoodSecurity, Environment, MarginalisedPeople

ABSTRACTED FROM THE INTRODUCTION: ...the book includes 10 chapters. The first chapter provides the overview of the conceptual approach of the program and a synthesis of key findings. The core of the book consist of eight chapters which have been grouped thematically in four sections: water management and agriculture; agricultural innovation and food security; land use change and food security strategies in communities of indigenous people; and environmental change in fishing communites. The final chapter is a conclusion proposing some outward looking perspectives to foster social-ecological resilience in rural Cambodia.


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