Problems for the Plantations: Challenges for large-scale land concessions in Laos and Cambodia

Document type:
Seminar video

Date of seminar:
23rd June 2021

Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Seminar speaker:
Ian G. Baird (Professor of Geography, University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Assistant Professor Dr. Mukdawan Sakboon (Department of Social Science and Development, Chiang Mai University)

Event paper description:
Large-scale plantation land concessions are causing an array of serious social and environmental impacts in Southeast Asia as well as in other parts of the world. This paper, however, is focused on the many challenges and limitations that plantation developers face in southern Laos and northeastern Cambodia. These include price and market constraints, activism linked to villagers and others actors, management and financial difficulties, environmental and technical limitations, and limited government support. Investor responses to these challenges and limitations have varied. Some investors still hope that their plantations will succeed, while others have variously attempted to cut their losses and withdraw from failing investments. In particular, this paper considers how problems associated with plantation development often emerge due to fluctuating crop prices as well as poor planning that partially stems from investors adopting a “resource frontier” mindset.

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